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central coast preschool

Learning Environment

The program offered at Pretty Beach Community Preschool is influenced by the philosophy of The Emergent Curriculum, Reggio Emilia, The NSW Curriculum Framework and The Literacies, Communities and Under 5‘s Resources. All these influences value the building of relationships with children, families, staff and the community.

The Preschool learning environment reflects the view that the children are capable constructors of their own knowledge and the adults are facilitators and co-learners. Children are free to choose the areas of interest in which to participate throughout the day and the staff and children engage in collaborative decision-making about the equipment which is used.

Each day, the different activities that we provide are based on the children’s interest.
These include art, puzzles, blocks, dough, dramatic play, writing corner, construction toys, journals, computer, books, sand, active and imaginative play, gardening, story telling and music. Children can initiate or continue their own projects and investigations may last days or weeks. Some children may also be involved in collaborative projects with other children. Children will also have the opportunity to participate in group activities with either a small or large group. For example news, roll call, language and literacy groups and music group in the afternoon.

The program and daily routine are flexible and recognise the individual needs and interests of the children. The staff regularly observe each child's development and set individual objectives according to their strengths , interests and needs.


These objectives are written into the program, where staff extend learning and evaluate progress.

Visitors, excursions and informal outings are also planned throughout the year to extend the children’s learning beyond that which is offered in the preschool on a daily basis. (See 'Events').


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pretty beacj preschool

Pretty Beach Community Preschool

150 Heath Road
Pretty Beach NSW 2257

Phone: 4360 1355

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday
8.15am - 3.45pm



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