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August Newsletter 2016


Welcome everyone to Term 3.


National Quality Area 1- Educational Program and Practice

We will be having the Pretty Beach Primary buddies coming to join us on Monday’s and Thursday’s of week 4, 5, 6 and 7 from 11am- 12. The children will rotate around various, cutting, drawing, writing and play based early literacy and numeracy experiences, assisted by the year 4 students. Activities will generally take place in the Kookaburra room so Cockatoo children who are going to school next year will join the “kookaburra” room during this time.

Quality Improvement Plan Element 6.3.2 Staff to further enhance our transition to school program by providing contextually, culturally and educationally appropriate classroom activities.

Late Pick up Policy

Pretty Beach Community Preschool is licensed to operate from 8.30am-3.30pm. By law children are unable to be on the premises before 8.30am or after 3.30pm. Parents are to ensure that they arrive with enough time to pick their child up and depart before 3.30pm. Late pickups will NOW incur a late fee of $20 for the first 15 minutes and $1 a minute there after.

Excessive late pickups may warrant a meeting with the Director or for it to be brought to the attention of the Management Committee for review.

“Waste Free Wednesday” (repeat)

At Pretty Beach Preschool we are working hard to reduce our “impact” on the environment and practice principles of sustainable living. In line with our service Philosophy we are educating our children to encompass environmental understandings, skills and knowledge for life. We encourage you to eliminate packaging / waste when packing your childs lunch on this day. Thank you

National Quality Area 2- Children’s Health and Safety

Carpark Safety

Unfortunately, the Preschool car park continues to be an area causing frustration and worse still dangerous practices.

PLEASE DO NOT STOP AND WAIT ON THE ROAD. (Council have a no stopping sign posted here). Stopping on the road causes traffic to bank up then dangerously pass onto the wrong of the road. I have seen several near misses with oncoming cars and the school bus on that blind bend!

- If there are no car spaces please park elsewhere, down at the boat ramp or school and walk up.

-If you are pregnant, have a young baby or are disabled please do a loop and come back…. If there are still no spots you can pull right into the car park and wait on the paved area (not on the drive way OR ROAD WAY) and wait for a space.

-Please be aware that our driveway is a dual driveway utilised by 2 neighbouring properties behind us, waiting on the driveway can block their access to their homes.

-Please be quick (5min) if you are parking in the car park, you are welcome to stay and play but please park elsewhere if you wish to do this. - If you have children who attend Pretty Beach School and are doing a dual pick up PLEASE be mindful that you are in a 5-minute zone, so be super quick. You could even ask your school age child to meet you at the bottom of the stairs outside the school hall area.

-Most of all take care of each other and our children – hold their hand and be patient for the safety of everyone.

Thank you – Kim Chippindale (Director)


Due to the health benefits of water and milk, Pretty Beach Community Preschool implements a water and non flavoured milk only policy. Please only pack water in your child’s drink bottles (or milk) no poppers, juice, cordial or other sweet tasting drinks. Thank you

Outstanding Inforamtion

Did you receive an enrolment checklist letter? If so have you returned the requested paper work? Has your child recently had their 4 year old immunisation? If so please ensure the office has an updated copy of your child’s Immunisation History
Statement. If you have moved or changed your phone numbers, please let the preschool know so that your records can be updated.

National Quality Area 6- Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities


Melamine Picture Plates

We are currently placing orders for Picture Plates ($28) and Picture Clocks ($28). So get your paid for orders in to the front desk, by the 12th August. The original plate is made of dishwasher safe, BPA free, food grade melamine and is covered by a 40-year quality guarantee.

Orders can be paid straight into the Fund Raising bank account:
062-536 BSB
0090-2511 Account Number

Your child can use marker pens, paints, photos and more to create their very own Pictureplate or clock. They’ll love eating their dinner off it every night, and it’s hard wearing, they’ll treasure if for years to come. Dishwasher safe NOT microwave safe.


We are waiting on 11 outstanding chocolates / money to be returned to finalise what we have raised. We also have 2 more boxes to sell if anyone would like to take another box. Thank you so much everyone for your amazing support, It’s sure to be a great fundraiser.

Can you help us collect pebbles, glass beads, metal washers and nuts, natural items, buttons etc.!!
Below photo samples of Transient Art

National Quality 7- Leadership and Service Management Enrolments for 2017

We have still many outstanding forms for next year (days allocation is happening now). PLEASE return your forms ASAP and don’t miss out on a spot next year. PLEASE NOTE YOU MUST RETURN A FORM TO BE ALLOCATED DAYS FOR NEXT YEAR (current enrolments do not roll over into 2017). I will be starting to access the waiting list soon so please get your notes in now – or send us an Email (all requests must be in writing). Regards Kim

Consent for Data Collection

Being a Community Based Not for Profit Preschool means we receive part funding from the Department of Education. This funding is imperative to the operation and financial viability of the Preschool. As part of our funding agreement with The Department of Education we are required to provide them with data in relation to the children that attend our service, including child’s name and date of birth. The Department will only use or disclose such Personal Information relating to the child as permitting under applicable privacy laws including the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1988 (NSW).

Please be sure to sign the Consent Form (in your child’s pigeon hole soon) - failure to sign and return the consent will impact on the funding allocation the Preschool receives THANKYOU in advance for your understanding in this matter.

Danielle Mantakoul/ Lee Simpson Pretty Beach Public and Lisa Kirkman Empire Bay Public School – Smart Start School Evening- Monday 8th August

Thank you to all who have RSVP for the Smart Start School Information Evening coming up next Monday. It is not too late to return your note (or even just send us a quick email or a verbal at the front desk) I would highly recommend everyone come along. The evening is guaranteed to be very informative and ‘entertaining” with you picking up lots of facts and tips with plenty to “take home and think about’ in regards to a positive transition to school. Kim

Quality Improvement Plan Element 6.3.2


Staff to further enhance our transition to school program by providing contextually, culturally and educationally appropriate classroom activities.

Spare Clothes (please label all of your children’s belongings)

Please don’t forget to always include at least one set preferably more of spare clothes in your child’s bag. Also do not forget to pack jumpers and beanies as the weather is cool and we still love to get outdoors whenever we can.

Feedback/ suggestions

Do you feel our service is meeting your needs?
Can you provide any suggestions/areas for improvement?
We are always keen to hear your feedback and suggestions. Feedback/ suggestions can be placed in the Fees tin at any time or you can Email the office directly on admin@prettybeachpreschool.com.au .

We would also love to hear your comments/ suggestions in regards to our Educational Program an area for you to write comments is provided in the Daily Diary in each classroom.


It is imperative that you endeavour to pay your fees on time and ensure they are kept up to date ( 2 weeks in advance) , to assist us with cash flow and daily expenses.
Please check your 'statements' rather than your invoices for your up to date account balances. Internet payments can be made any time -
Commonwealth Bank 062 536
Pretty Beach Community Preschool Account no 0090 2503

Dates for your Calendar

Pyjama Days every day week 3: 1-5 August
Smart Start School Information Evening- Monday 8th August
Year 4 Buddy visits:
Monday 8th August, Thursday 11th August, Monday 15th August, Thursday 18th August. Monday 22nd and Thursday 25th, Monday 29th and Thursday 1st September.
Grandparents Day- Thursday 1st September
Fire Drills every day week 8;
Parent/ Teacher Interviews- Wednesday 14th September
Lock Downs every day during week 3
Footy Colours Day: Friday 23rd September
Last day of term 3: Friday 23rd September
First day of term 4: Monday 10th October


pretty beacj preschool

Pretty Beach Community Preschool

150 Heath Road
Pretty Beach NSW 2257

Phone: 4360 1355

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday
8.15am - 3.45pm



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