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The food we eat affects growth, development, appearance, behaviour, fitness, resistance to disease, feelings of well-being and the ability to learn. Adequate nutrition and healthy eating habits is therefore essential for young children.
Meal times not only provide nutritional benefit they are also a time for sharing and learning.  Staff members sit with children and also eat their lunch to facilitate this. Learning outcomes from meals include:

Aim 1:

To support and assist in children receiving a safe and nutritional diet.

Aim 2: 

To provide a positive eating environment that assists the transmission of family and multicultural values.



Aim 3:

To teach children about food and nutrition.



Updated March 2006
Please be advised of recommended foods and foods not recommended for Preschool. We believe that encouraging good nutrition now, sets patterns for healthy eating later in life. Please note that some products may appear to be healthy though actually may be high in sugar and or fat. Pretty Beach Community Preschool must abide by Community Services regulations in relation to nutrition.

Due to high allergy children we are NUT FREE – please do not pack foods containing nuts. Thankyou  

Do's and Don’ts for a Preschool Lunchbox.




Morning Tea:


You may like to try a combination of a few of these encouraging your child to also choose their fillings.


All these foods are very high in fat and sugar and are therefore not recommended for a healthy, balanced diet for a young child.
NOTE: Foods NOT recommended will be discouraged by staff and other foods in lunch box will be encouraged to be eaten. If children continually bring foods not recommended staff will send home item if other food is also supplied and this will be discussed with the parents.

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